Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Fifth Pillar of Hip-Hop: "Mighty Minaj"

Hold on to your Girl Crushes…I have a confession to make.  I have resisted Nicki Minaj for quite some time pumping defiant hip-hop fist and chanting, “LBoogie COME BACK”.  I could not understand everything that was Nicki Minaj and I also could not jump on the overcrowded BANDWAGON OF BARBIES…

It took an interview where Nicki talked about being “Bossed Up” vs. being deemed a “B**” that really helped her gain respect in my book (like she really needs my respect – HA!).  In any event, hearing past mixtapes and also watching her SWAG out a male dominate industry really had me respect her hustle.  It was not just about her catchy deliveries and hooks that pulled me into her Barbie World, but it was how well she executed her brand and when you get a mega company like Mattel behind you to make a Barbie in your likeness…You HAVE ARRIVED.

Nicki Minaj is not only the most successful female rapper that has dared to rock the mic, but she has conquered the world of fashion with her highly inspired, imitated, and iconic style.  Who is behind the Minaj Machine?

My super duper producer K. Salaam and I frequently have conversations about the Fifth Pillar of Hip-Hop which is the fashion aspect people discuss.  Nicki’s style is signature and well crafted from the hair, the clothes, to the makeup.  I have seen many reviews on YouTube duplicating some very fire looks from videos where you have to admit…HONEY IS FLAWLESS.

The look has evolved as she has lost weight and really began to settle into the dollars that makes her allure make sense…(OH Yeah, how do you like that word play??).  I didn’t find her overly attractive and didn’t understand the buzz until the “Your love” video.


***Back to blogging***

I have even spoofed the Barbie movement with my own little song “Barbie Beyond” and even fashioned a contest around it.  I will say that I would not mind duplicating some makeup looks (Shouts out to Day Hill and the many YouTubers who give us tutorials) and I most certainly wouldn’t mind rocking an inspired hair/wig look at a performance. ERRR. I doubt corporate America would appreciate a Blond and Blue BOB! We will keep that cute and put that on MUTE, but on the weekend…IT’S ON!

This is Ya Girl, PhillyzJam and I’d love to here you Rock the “Belle” with your comments on this blog and what you like or maybe even dislike about Mighty Minaj.

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