Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Game - New Season Coming!

I am sitting here watching reruns of The Game and absolutely cannot wait for the next season.  I not only love the writing and looking into the Saga of Derwin and Melanie, I am good about paying attention to the changing style (Fashion and Hair) of the women on the show.

Brittany Daniels is making her exit.  She has really fallen off in the last season and the hair and makeup was an absolute fail.  She keeps her body TIGHT, you can’t deny that but I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to the chick that rocked the cute bob in White Chicks?  Even in the earlier seasons she looked much better.

Melanie can be a bit hit and miss, but I liked the improvement last season. Whoever has weaved her up in the past has had some misfires and in some cases should have BEEN FIRED.  We will see how Mel plays out post preggers.

Tasha Mack…some of them weaves been..WACK!  Wendy Raquel is such a beautiful lady, and sometimes the hair is ON I am just hoping it’s more ON than OFF.

Brandy….To be Jason’s love interest, I want that hairline on them wigs to be right. (That is all for now)

This is ya girl, PhillyzJam and let’s Rock The “Belles” on The Game and the fashion, hair, and favorite scenes of this season. Until then…DIP and PITTS and DIP AND DIP AND PITTS!

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