Friday, January 20, 2012


You Guys know that I love shoes!  I love all types of shoes from Sneakers to boots, to heels.  I will probably take the time every now and again in this blog to discuss some of the shoes that I have in my collection and where I purchased them from.


I recieved this from and have to say that I loved the packaging and I am in LOVE with the shoe.

Steve Maddon Multi - I bought this from SHI (this is a spin off store from Journeys)

There are SASHA's that I got from SHI also

These were my Sister's shoes that she wore for prom. I shamelessly jacked them and added them to my collection.  I don't know where she bought them, but felt it was best that I have custody of them kids! LOL She gets visitation and she can take them out every now and again!

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