Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pitfalls and Failures of DIY Coloring


Hello Good Peoples,

I figured I would share with you some hits and misses when it comes to dying hair/wigs/weaves.  I do not dye my natural hair, but I do have a thing for changing up my wigs and giving them a funky look.  Sometimes I just get tired of looking at a solid color and want to give it pizazz.

Here are a few things that worked for me and that I am sure to do:

Brush Out hair with a loop brush
Use Detangler to ensure no tangles

To lighten I use:

Clairol Born Blonde Maxi

To darken I use:

Clairol Nice and Easy

I will typically draw a diagram and plan how I want the wig to look and then place it on the wig head.  If I am only dying sections, I will clip and tie off the hair I do not plan to dye.

As the wigs set in the color, if it is a nice day  - I will set them out on the back porch and let the natural light and heat continue to assist the bleaching process.  I ensure to check periodically on the coloring process since I know exactly what I want the color to look like.

I will wash in cool water and use the coloring shampoo and conditioner.  I will always make sure to seal the knots and let the unit air dry.

I show you in the video products that just simply did not work for me.



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  1. For the platinum lace wig, how long did you leave the clairol on for? I'm going for the ombre effect and I was wondering how long I should wait for the bleach to take to the wig.



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