Saturday, January 7, 2012


Yes, I do have natural hair and it goes through a lot of stages and puts me through quite a bit of grief.  I love the fact that my hair is natural and strong (I broke 5 combs and 2 brushes in 2011!).  The straight pictures above were taken in 2010 when I just had to have my hair cut shorter (summer months) and in layers. It has grown quite a bit since then and I mainly will have it braided and oiled while it is under my many protective wig units that I love so dearly.   However, when I have it out, I am good for twisting the front and wearing a banana clip...ERR Yes, I still have 3 Banana clips (don't judge me).

I seldom like to wear my hair out because it has so many textures and it does not behave the way I would like it to.  The afro picture above was basically my hair being combed out, but when water hits it - It gets really curly and wavy.  I am a mut and my hair really gives that away when it goes EVERY WHICH-A way! Once again can you tell I was raised by my Grandmothers? lol **Shout Out Grandma!**

What I currently Use to maintain my hair:
  • Doo Gro Products (they really do work towards growing hair)
  • Mixed Chicks (I love to CoWash)
  • Kinky Curly
  • One and Only Moroccan Oil
  • Carol's Daughter (Curl Define Trio)

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  1. I love your and you so beautiful. i wish mine can become the same one day.
    My question is what hair product do you get from all those products you have mentioned?
    I mean from carols daughter product do you get the kit or just the conditioner?
    From Doo Gro what do you get and so on...
    Hope to read you soon.


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