Saturday, February 28, 2015

RED By Kiss Ceramic Root Straightener 4 Edges

I have again been wowed by RED by Kiss!  In the MyLittleSecretsOnline Steam-A-Thon video, I mentioned an #edgestick.

You saw the stylist using it around the perimeter of my hair to lay down those edges without a straggling comb, an inordinate amount of heat, and any other tool you fear will either burn you or heat damage your hair in the process.  I never really had a desire to have one since I had a steady hairdresser.  The times have changed and now I have been kicked out of the hairstylists nest once again!  When you find a good beautician, you instantly turn 10 and want to wrap yourself around their legs and beg them not to go!

***Sigh, I digress*** "Tis the season to do my own hair and I know enough to keep the engine going, I am just one of those people who have a ton of hair and do not feel like being bothered with it.  Yes, I will play in wigs all day, but would rather pay someone to ensure my own hair is right.  ALL MY LIFE I HAD TO FIGHT!!! (WITH MY HAIR THAT IS).  I had to FIGHT MY TANGLES, I had to fight the thickness! Life already packs a mean two piece and a biscuit, I just do not wish to fight with my hair!

I have said before I am in love with their wands, but when I finally broke down looking for an edge stick the choice was between. The very purdy 

Azure EdgeStick (Black) Edge Control Styling Tool (Temp: 200°F - 450°F) Professional Model.

This little baby right here is beautiful, but I just didn't have the ends to shell out on this very gorgeous model.  Of course I set my search on Ebay and if I come up on an auction that I cannot refuse, I will upgrade.  Red by Kiss had my back in making a comparable tool at a much cheaper price.  Again, I looked all over and decided that an Ebay auction was the best way to go.  I believe I got this for $10.99 + 5.95 shipping or something like that.  I do know for sure it was less than $20 bucks and you can't beat that with a bat.  

RED by KISS Ceramic Root Straightener 3/8" Model #SCO035 

Not as PRETTY, POLISHED, OR PRISTINE as the one above, but she gets the job done.  As you can see, she does not have a digital face, but the 1/2" root straightener I ended up getting heats up to 450 degrees.  My KITCHEN laid down just fine at 350.  DO YOU HEAR ME...THE KITCHEN!
I don't know about you but my kitchens be snapping peas with Idella from Driving Miss Daisy, listening to the King speech on the black and white television.  Imagine THAT struggle!

Red by Kiss ain't thinking about me for nobody's paid endorsement.  Especially not when they have Jass and Derek J over there in life-size cutouts holding Red products.  When you have THAT? You don't need a JAM.  All I know is all is well in the world, I straightened the perimeter in my head and therefore there is no civil unrest or BEAD DE BEAD marchers across the perimeter of my head and I owe it all to Red and EBAY.  Anytime I hear the word or name RED, I think about the Five Heartbeats, "Big Red"..."Jimmy, it has been a LONG time" - - - My office hours are from 9 to 5!

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