Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Over Air Brushed and Doing the MOST! Hair Magazines

Okay – Word to my Muva. I love me some hair magazines and am subscribed to Hype Hair as we speak (Sophisticates Black Hair…I’m going to need you to ease on down the decimal for a sister – Too darn high.) 

While I will snatch a hair magazine off the shelves to stay with the times and the styles I have a few pet peeves that I am unsure if you guys feel me on, but would love to hear you weigh in.  The first thing that really tears the draws with me is the Airbrushing.  I have a cover with Monica and had to look twice because all the airbrushing had her unrecognizable.  They are so heavy handed with the Airbrushing and the celebrities are halfway unrecognizable.  I could go on and on about this, but will not beat a dead horse.

The second issue that really gets me is the hairstyles that we know and love either by celebrities or just something really fly in the magazine.  They know good and DAG NABBIT DARN WELL a lot of those hairstyles are plain flat out wigs. Why are we given advice on products to use to achieve the style when it’s a wig that did it all?  Before I really got into wigs, I didn’t know any better and these perm boxes, hair care adds would really have me fooled because I thought these ladies’ natural hair looked this way and most of them are wigs are a really good sew in. 

As I think about it, I may have to take some styles in the book and offer you wig alternatives or dupes for those hairstyles.

Until the magazines keep it real…I will.

It’s Ya Girl, Philly!

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  1. Girl, you called it, I was so naive, I was chasing those styles for so many years, until I started watching you tube a few years back and got into wigs..:). Finally some relief...everytime I see one of those LoREAL color commercials with Beyonce...I gasp because she is wearing a wig. Thanks for the insight...I thought it was only me.


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