Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 1: 3 on 3 Regimen

I have been asked the question, when did my sister and I start the 30 day challenge, we were already into it May 14th, but I was late in posting the video.  However, we are just rolling along and trying to get my sister down to her goal weight before she leaves, June 14th.  We have less than 30 days to get her to 60lbs so as I watched the basketball game last night I came up with 3 on 3.

  • 3 DAYS....3 Exercises (MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY)

Remember to Follow the Instagram & MyFitnessPal to get the details of what we do and what we eat. It is all laid out for you.

Just posting what we are doing to get in shape. I have a Miami trip to get in shape for and want to be so fly when I head out.  I have some ish they don't tell you, remember to follow my Instagram and my Fitnesspal because I list and take a picture of the foods I eat throughout the day.  I am just giving you a peak into the 3 on 3 and the madness we go through in the insanity workout. If you cannot workout to this capacity, don't worry.  I would try the link I provided for you on the blog that gives you a 15 minute work out, courtesy of Dr. Oz and Shaun T.

I will not post like this daily, so in order to know what I am eating it's important that you are following the two. This way you see and understand what I am eating so you do not have the ask the questions in the comments.  It's better to see pictures and read, this way you can copy my food regimen directly from my fitness pal.  

I did not sugar coat this video...WE SUFFER through Insanity. So don't feel as if you need to be a machine.

AmbitiousRed25 Update: My sister weighed herself after insanity:  She weighs 174.8 which is down from 179.  She weighed herself of that a few days ago.

She takes pictures of the scale on her Instagram.

She is losing weight, while I am gaining muscle. I have been weight training and doing Insanity longer than her. So this builds and tones.  You trim and slim down, but the muscle you build is heavier than the fat you lose.

I also take a pic of the things I listen to while I work out (INSTAGRAM FOLKS)

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  1. Hey!!! What's your username on fitness pal???? Add me: Lmcgrude : )


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