Thursday, May 17, 2012

Phoenix Rae Projects - Help Submissions


If you are someone suffering from hair loss or you are close to someone suffering from hair loss, please contact PRP/New Harlem with your condition and what you would be looking for.  In order to gain the sponsorship and proper tools needed, it is very important for partnering vendors to verify any statements or requests for legal and tax reasons.  Please submit the following:

  1. Name
  2. Written Request with contact email and number
  3. 1 Letter of Reference
  4. 3 Numbers for Reference (preferably not anyone who lives in the household)
  5. Picture or Video
  6. (Video submissions to not have to be public, but does have to be viewable by PRP and the solicited partners)
  7. Medical Confirmation (this can be submitted at your discretion, whatever you choose should have your government name on it and treatment. - all information once verified will be shredded).

Upon review and verification, you may receive written contact requesting either additional information or giving you instructions on next steps.

Depending on the request, PRP may take the following routes depending on the situation:

  • Assist in educational information on how to obtain assistant from your health insurance
  • A Sponsoring entity to mail a donation to you. (Your information will be required for tax purposes)
  • A Charitable Donation be made to you going toward  your need
  • A Care Package Sent
  • Information of your local resources
  • A Wig Donation
Incomplete request cannot be processed or honored. Please be sure to provide all required information to receive the help you need.

IF YOU WISH TO DONATE TO PRP, Please Contact Information will be provided on how this is done.  Your name can and will be posted on the blog as a PRP Donor/Sponsor.



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