Monday, January 26, 2015

Mixed Chicks Rocks

The Curly Revolution is Real!

If you follow my channel, you know I am a huge fan of Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner.  Once I found this, my hair was thanking me on some #FlowAndFollow type time.  I made the mistake of letting the comments on my videos drive my decision to try other products to see what works.  That was the biggest mistake I could have made!  I tried other products the Doo Gro line as well as Nearly Natural’s WOC line.  Awesome Classic had sent me a Keratin treatment kit, that I kicked down a flight of stairs after my disaster with my hair rejecting the Nearly Natural Shampoo and Conditioner.  This is the moment I learned where one wash and one experience with a product can jack up your hair.  I had a revelation that the reason why I started the hair growth videos is to share my regimen and what works for me.  If it works for others with a few tweaks, GREAT, if it doesn’t, I am just not the channel for you.  I ran through thousands of dollars of product to find what works for me, so I am going to stick with it.
The world didn’t move for me with the other products so for 4 years I have been a cheerleader for the Deep Conditioner and nothing else.  JReady and I ran some Suite Life pop up shops where we used nothing but Mixed Chicks.  JReady decided to keep the whole line consistent since the Deep Conditioner is so phenomenal.  I was watching these ladies come out of the steamer and even out of the sink with wet hair in complete awe.  Their curls and textures were so pronounced and soft!  I was charged with the responsibility of detangling and coming out the hair to prepare them for JReady’s blow dry and braid down.  After those salon sessions I began to use the Clarifying Shampoo and I fell in love.  In my mind I was like okay, okay Mixed Chicks you have me wrapped in another product.  I’m just minding my own business and Wendi sends a restoration oil in the dead of Winter that can be used on your hair AND YOUR SKIN!!!  I went from Doo Gro stimulating growth oil to One and Only Argon Oil.  Doo Gro never really rocked my world, but I had experienced previous success with hair growth using the Doo Gro line when I lived in South Philly.  It was my default until my friend turned me on to One and Only.  For years that oil had been my staple and recently after watching, THE REAL, I decided to try Simplicity Oil.  I absolutely love that little ol bottle of expensive oil, but I do not have the ends to lay down $45 for a supply that my hair will eat in 2 sessions.  It did not have the beautiful smell of my One and Only Moroccan oil either!  It was really easy to depart from that so I can’t speak on the effectiveness.  I bought the product twice and looked at these two little bottles that I spent almost $100 on and I wanted to give myself a high five…IN THE FACE.
This restoration oil came in my life and I began to see that Mixed Chicks was taking up shelf space. To make matters worse, I get this Mousse…
So here I am in 2015 a fully converted Mixed Chicks fan.  I now understand why they rock.  They keep my hair long and full and I can use all their products on my own hair and wigs interchangeably.  BRAVO!!!

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