Thursday, August 23, 2012

Makeup Forever Eyeshadow Wishlist

I confess:

I was a lover of all things sparkly.  I was attracted to the razzle dazzle shadows!  Oh yes - MEEE!  However, it wasn't until Parrish began to do my face that I saw how beautifully matte shadows are applied.  I ended up becoming a fast fan of Makeup Forever shadows and just all things Makeup forever.

At $20 bucks a pop...Errrr a sista need a hope, a dream and a list!!!!!

So I consulted the internet and saw that MakeupGeek graciously offered the Top 10 eyeshadows for Makeup forever.  This gave me an idea to ask Parrish what are the Top 10 must have in her opinion.

What I will offer is the first Top 10 divised from Parrish.  A lot of her selections are in agreement with MakeupGeek with some differences. 

I will give you 25 in all that I have compiled as a wishlist.  That's $500!!!!

I will share with you how I plan towards purchases because I am not dropping half a stack on some eyeshadows. 

Tip #1:  You can get all 20 as a MUFE shadows as a Backstage Pro for $300.  That's the 40% discount.

Tip #2:  I buy 2 a month.  At 2 a month ($40) it will take a little over the year to accumulate all the shadows at $500.  If I end up obtaining a Backstage Pro card because I am a Freelancer it will take about 7.5 months.

Plan your work and work your plan!

Last thing, I have Sugar Pill palettes.  I do plan to buy at least one of the shadows and compare them.  The Matte Shadows look a lot a like and I am curious if my observation is correct:

Top 10 - According to Parrish

  1. 169 - Iridescent Anthracite
  2. 4 - Black
  3. 75 - Neon Pink (this can serve as blush, gloss, or shadow)
  4. 122 - Metallic Copper
  5. 306 - Peachy Tan with Gold Shimmer
  6. 162 - Matte True Brown
  7. 156 - Matte Flesh
  8. 5 - Coral
  9. 83 - Turquoise Shimmer
  10. 69 - Matte Light Apricot Orange
Remaining 15 According to What I like and What has been used in Makeup Looks

9 - Vibrant Matte Lavender
92 - Matte Brilliant Purple
158 - Matte Cold Red
159 - Vivid Blue
153 - Soft Peachy Orange
10 - True Golden Yellow
39 - Plum
71 - Matte Sunflower
18 - Tangerine
99 - Scarlet
47 - Olive Green
166 - Matte Espresso
171 - Iridescent Acid Green
310 - Diamond Green
49 - Deep Plum Wine

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  1. You could always get Inglot shadows instead. The quality is amazing and if you buy the ones for the freedom system, you can pop them in any palette, and they're only $6 each. As for Sugarpill, the quality is amazing, but I believe there are Inglot dupes for most shades.


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