Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hair growth Journey Tips & First Steps

I received an interesting question via email and she stated, “How can I get my hair’s groove back?”  I cannot even take credit for such an awesome title, so please allow me to thank you for the inspiration of this article.  I am sure it will help a lot of people.
Here are the high points of what people ask me.  I decided for fun’s sake to put them in the category of:
  1. Damaged/Hair
  2. Breakage
  3. Split End or Split Up The Shaft
  4. Dry & Brittle
  5. Thinning
What I am about to tell you is not Earth shattering,  It is not some secret potion made with a lock of Rapunzel’s hair that I stole from a mad scientist, and it is not new.
There are some very simple things that will assist you on your Hair Health/Hair Growth Journey that if taken seriously will really work.
Drink Water – As a baseline, I drink no less than 64 or 66 ounces of water daily.

Why is this important?

  1. This assists in moisturizing from the inside out
  2. It will assist to minimize dandruff

  • Have a Coke & A Smile and Be happy – So, actually the Coke defeats the purpose of water so scratch Coke. Let’s go with Don’t Worry be Happy.

Why is this important?
  • Stress is a very real thing and it can make you sick, lose your hair, and ultimately kill you.  A person with less stress is also a happier person.  Please trust and believe if you plant a seed it needs water and sunshine to grow.  Plants grow towards the light.  Be that light for your hair.  I promise being a happier and less stressed lady has really given my hair and skin an amazing break and incredible improvement

  • ROTATION! ROTATION! ROTATION! – Did you all of a sudden have Déjà vu?  You should, because I will repeat this until I am blue in the face.  Matter of fact, if I pass away please make sure my tombstone says…ROTATION ROTATION ROTATION!  People who walk by will say, Oh Yeah, that’s Jam. (kidding).

  • Rotation is key for long lasting protective styles yes, however it is very important for your natural hair as well.

Try not to do these things too much or have these hairstyles over 7 days:
  • Ponytails – Natural with Hair Tie & Drawstring
    • Ponytails cause tension around the temples if pulled to tight.  Additionally, depending on the type of hair tie you use, it can pull out your hair if you do not know how to use it properly.  Even when you do, ever notice you have hair wrapped around the elastic bands? Try not to EVER use the elastic hair ties that has the metal on it.

Drawstring ponytails have combs that if placed in the same place will also break off the hair in the spot that you’ve placed it. It can actually wear the hair down and thin in that spot. The drawstring can also cause the hair to wrap around and become tangled. (HELLO BREAKAGE!).

**Extra Tip: Try using banana clips. As “old school” as people like to regard them, they can offer you a nice ponytail with little pulling and tension on the edges.  As an added bonus it will offer a little more length to your ponytail

  1. Flat Ironed Hair
  2. Curled hair With Curling Irons
  3. Roller Sets
  4. Wigs with combs
  5. Half Wigs
  6. Buns – Unless you are watching videos on moisture sealing, buns can be drying

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s continue with the list.

  • Co-Washing
    • Please be sure to refer to the articles and videos for the proper steps.  The moisture and softness benefits are priceless.  I use Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner and I prefer that over all else, however if you use a different conditioner please ensure that it is moisturizing and detangling

  • Scalp Massage using Essential Oils
    • A periodic massage is great for relaxation, but also stimulating the follicles for growth.  You can use scents that smell good (i.e. Lavender & Vanilla).  I personally love the Argon Moroccan Oil and Doo Gro Stimulating Growth Oil

  • Steaming
    • There are many cost efficient options with steaming, but the ultimate “WOO HOO” is the moisture locking.   Please consult the article and video on steaming and your options of what to use.

  • **EXTRA TIP – Be sure to rinse your hair with cool water to ensure everything is locked in. After you Co-wash and Steam, as good as Warm or Hot Water feels, resist the temptation and rinse with cool water.

Best of Luck and a lot of Love to your hair on your journey.

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