Thursday, May 7, 2015

PhillyzJamPoetHair: Wig Storage and Organization 2015

I have a bit of an issue with excess and hoarding.

Since this is virtually common knowledge, there is really no need to stand up in the church of shame and testify on this morn.  As I began adjusting to my new life and living with Lupus, I have found that a lot of the things I have, I can live 5 lifetimes and never really be able to get the use out of it.  There are things that I purchased in a #RetailTherapy moment that I find absolutely BUTT UGLY now...WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!  Yeah, it's gotta go.  Lastly, I have all kinds of accessories, clothes, hair, etc that as time goes by I simply have grown out of and it is time to pass it on to someone who would appreciate it for the low!

I went from having 30 gallon bins full of hair to just the decorative boxes you see in the video below. Where have all the wigs gone??  I donate to Cancer patients yearly and I make decisions based on emails I get of who to bless with a wig for their #Wedding, #Prom, #Anniversary, or whatever.

It is the crux of what I do with the #PhoenixRaeProject.  PhillyzJamPoet Hair sells hair as well through the #BIGCARTEL platform and those proceeds also go to help with my giving and fundraising efforts.

People forget that I have a job. I am a Management Consultant and that is where my bread is buttered.  I sell the wigs to raise money that allows me to continue my foundation.  There are times you will see a spike in the price, but a lot of times it is because I am helping a family raise money to keep their children in school after being almost bankrupt trying to save the life of their other child ailing from a disease like Sickle Cell.

I have attempted to ask for people's benevolence and have been frustrated that people don't care enough to simply retweet a message.  I put up a plea for help about a young lady named Lauren.  She was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and within a week of that, her father had a heart attack.  I was heartbroken at the lack of response.  All people care about is hair.  So yes, I bring what is being asked - HAIR.  Just note times you will see the deal of your life and other times you will scratch your head.  Do not forget that when you purchase your wigs from me, you should save your receipts as it is a charitable contribution.  If your tax preparer needs a letter of acknowledgement with my foundation's EIN, I always happily provide that.

I Digress...

Here are some top key tips for wig storage:

  • Keep your hair net! - It keeps your hair and the possible flyaway at bay. It also helps maintain curl
  • Seal it up
  • Pack it away in a temperature controlled space
  • Make sure it is within reach for easy grab and go
  • Separate your everyday favs from your special occasion units
If you are curious about my first video and my methods on storage, see this video here:

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