Monday, June 22, 2015

Things I Did In Highschool

I cannot believe eldest is going to High school.  I cannot help but things all the things I did as a "youngin'".  Anyone that knows me from school knows I had a had in everything...EVERYTHING. The Step Team wasn't even something on my radar.  I got tired of watching Pep Rally's and assembly with 6 Step Team Members.  If I heard the Umoja step one more time, I was going to throw up!!!

My junior year, I was always cheering and stepping in class.  I decided to put a few steps together and show them to a few friends.  Adrian Couch (FLEXX) and I came up with a whole step routine as well as learning Adrian's routine to "Hot Like Fire" in the 300 hallway after school.  As the steps and the dances became hotter, the team grew bigger.  There were STEP MASTERS who were the leaders of the Step Team.  We were responsible for choreography, steps, and the creativity of the show.  You StepMasters were:

Lord HighStep - Jonathan  (Senior)
Sista 2Hype - Edricka (Senior)
MasterFreak - Tony (Senior)
Flexx - Adrian (Junior)
MoSoul - PhillyzJamPoet (Junior)

I was called "MoSoul" because I had Mo SOUL THAT MOST!

This is our Step Show from years ago...60 people strong ranging from Freshman to Senior.

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