Thursday, September 3, 2015

Black @zz Pot Calling The Kettle Crazy


I don't know about you, but if I had a dime for how many script flipping treacherous people I have ran across, I would be on a private island somewhere sipping tea with Kermit The Frog and his new muppet girlfriend.

I reconnected with an old friend after what we called a "group" friendship imploded.  I was very happy to see the friend and had swept a lot of mess under the rug.  I guess the friend would be remiss, if they didn't mention that another friend in the circle thought I was "Bat $H!t Crazy".  If you ask me about my crazy, I will often laugh and tell you I am down right certifiable, but coming from this source, the audacity really cooked my sauce.

I removed a lot of judgement to even associate with this female as she was a friend of a friend.  (You know how that goes).  This is a female who is a single mother of a son who curses, is disobedient as hell, all over the place, and gets the pleasure of hearing his Mother curse and pollute his brain with how messed up his Daddy is.  This is the same female who couldn't hold it together and put her child first at HIS birthday party because she wanted to pop off at his Daddy.  Now Pause --- I have sat at a birthday party for my son with his father AND THE WOMAN HE CHEATED ON ME WITH on top of abandoning his son when he was fighting for his life in ICU for this woman.  As a woman and an unselfish Mother, I kept my peace and my focus was on my son.  A real woman puts her child first, but HEY -- I didn't judge you.

Too many times this scatterbrained broad proved that she "Aint My Type of Hype" yet still received the benefit of my own benevolence when her own friends were calling her crazy behind her back.  I supported her business ventures, I visited her, and when her closest friend was trashing her for filth and hell bent on leaving her out of events, I remained impartial and fair.  What pisses me off about people and especially this chick is the fact that her life is a complete shamble, but she feels she is majorly qualified to talk about me.  So let's run this down on paper:

  • She has no man and is quick to get the liquor in her system and go full out hoe at a moment's notice
  • She decides to start a business but got shirts with the letters peeling off and not even a business card
  • She constantly is being taken care of by her friends but never seems to have the capacity to return it
  • She has zero business savvy, common sense, and didn't even have $10 to support her OWN friend's performance at FSO (yeah, I paid for her entry).

Her last act of foolishness was calling me over a situation where she knows one side of the story from another LIAR.  This was a business situation that she had no involvement and no information with.  Peep her decision making...She is in the car on the way to take one of our friends to IDENTIFY THE BODY OF HIS LOVED ONE THAT HAS PASSED AWAY.  While she is on the phone, I have no idea that this has transpired, but she chooses to argue about small stuff to which she has no credible information about.  When I find out hours later that my dear friend had died, I cannot lie - I was ready to rip her head from her body and drop kick it over the nearest goal post.  Who does that?

Of course at no point in time does she admit any wrong doing and for a long time I knew if I laid eyes on her I'd probably catch a charge.  After a lot of soul searching, I decided to forgive for me and although I hadn't done this heffa harm, I took accountability and apologized for the part I played in our arguments.  I picked up the phone like a WOMAN and called.  I got voicemail and left a message.  Again, this tacky heffa responds with a TEXT MESSAGE: "I got your message and if I have done anything to hurt you, I apologize." -- IF YOU HAVE DONE ANYTHING?  Okay girl.

Currently, she is sitting under the tailbone of the female who did her best to poison people's mind about her, criticized her parenting (instead of helping her), and planted seeds that she was a crazy liar who attacks people with knives and then lies about the fact that she was physically abused.  Additionally, this is the same chick that when a NEW chick came into the fold, she took up with her and they both dogged you and talked about you...but hey - You're a GREAT judge of character right?

So, in short, I spilled this story and came at it just as if we were sitting together in my living room sipping on tea or wine.  It is important that you really size up your detractors and determine if they are even qualified to enter in an opinion on you.  Do not let someone visibly broken try to size you up for chinks in your armor.  All I know is I don't need grown men to take care of me, cook for me, care for my child, and do my hair.  The same grown men that you didn't hang with at all when there was a rift in the group, but when the paradigm shifted and you found yourself OUT, you were over their house EVERYDAY.  Now that one of them needs you - you are nowhere to be found.  Big surprise.  (Not really).

So babes, I will continue on my BAT $hit crazy journey with my HUSBAND (that you don't have), my HOUSE (that you don't have and can't afford), Friends (that don't tell my business to anyone who listens and peppers it with judgement), my business (that I have ran for years while you can't even get a decent shirt made where the letters don't peel off), and my independence.  I can do my own hair, makeup, care for my kids, register my business, make business cards, and draw up proposals while you remain clueless about everything around you.  My children will grow knowing they have an unselfish Mother who knows how to put them first and compose herself.  People think your son is cute as a button, but BAD AS HELL.  The poor baby is just a reflection of his BAT $H!T crazy and clueless MOTHER.  ...but wait...I'm the crazy one? I guess girl.

**My loves, sometimes you can't sugar coat it.  Sometimes it is not about the diplomatic and politically correct way to say things.  These are real situations that happen to real people and while I can give a scholarly and positive dissertation on the trials of life, sometimes I just have to bring it down to the level and say - I suffer just like you.  I more than likely have the same passing thoughts you do.  I do not always handle things perfectly at it's inception, but I am introspective, and if it means enough, I will attempt to recover the situation.

In short -- some people are ignorant and you are well within your right to say.."I forgive you, but F* you...sincerely."**


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  1. This is so incredibly true .. Thank you @PhillyzJamPoet for this post, this blog .. I am sure it will be of help to many because it sure helped me today ☺️☺️ God bless you sweety ... Always, -Lyndsie D. #PhillyzJamFam😍❤️😘🙏


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