Thursday, October 8, 2015

PhillyzJamPoet FAKE Fundraising???


I'm best known for my #YouTubeVideos on #Hair. As the only female in my household it was quite fun to play dress up and talk to like-minded individuals who could actually relate about the #SoftPink and Girly things that this #LateBloomer grew to love.  #YouTube is a fraction of a fraction of a FRACTION of someone's life.  I post things here and there about my #philanthropy as a tool to inspire involvement, yet there are so many things that are done behind the scenes that truly never make it to light.  Honestly, why should they?  A lot of these interactions are so personal in nature and absolutely NOT MY BUSINESS TO TELL, so I often carry in my heavy heart and soul the burdens of many.  Those who "knew me when" are aware that I have always had my hands in the community doing SOMETHING for my fellow man.  In high school & college, I volunteered at #NursingHomes and MOST of my friends fount that off putting and weird.  I know there are so many people out there with disingenuous souls, fake projects, and sideways hustles but that has never been an interest of mine to invest any energy into.  I am a Military Brat and the eldest of three, there has always been a sense of duty in me and I wear that proudly.  Unfortunately, there is a deep downside to the things I do.  It is so rewarding to rekindle a light and to have a front seat to watching someone's #testimony play out, but it is heart heartwrenching to watch a GREAT SOUL fight a good fight only to slowly dim and eventually fade away.  It is almost like I am a glutton for punishment because any sensible person would find it logical to steer clear of emotional things when they know they have a very big and open heart. ---- BUT HERE I AM.  These people are REAL.  These people I have hugged, held, and had them cry in my lap and on my shoulder.  These people fight for their lives and appreciate any small step of progression they can get.  These people keep me honest, humble, and grateful of my blessings despite whatever woes I experience.  These people have my personal numbers and information and often look to my videos while they are going through CHEMO, Sick from treatment, or just trying to hold on to something in life.  I am often hammered into the ground because of my method of delivery when it comes to my #YouTube videos, however has anyone considered there may be a #MethodToTheMadness?  It's called #MediaMedicine.  I never expected for a few #YouTube videos to turn into what it was, however I have done my best to handle it responsibly and use the blessings bestowed on me to #PayItForward.   I don't even sign on with #HairCompanies who do not commit to my Philanthropy.  So any company that I partner with, has ALWAYS been down to Sponsor by finance or product any initiatives.  #HairStopandShop always gave 20 brand new wigs Year over Year CONSISTENTLY for a few years running.  That is #EPIC to me.  There are many who have their gripes about RPGShow, but they have ALSO been down to assist and there are a few #CancerSurvivors who have received free #HUMANHAIRWIGS that they could not otherwise afford.

It is a little selfishly #CoDependent and this #Libra is working on balancing her scales - HOWEVER it is MAJORLY what my heart leads me to do. I guess it's the #PATH of an #EMPATH.  I have carried this #PassionProject on my back for years and in the last year or so my disease and all the losses wore me out.  I was weary and sick.  I was often angered at how people just don't care.  I became peeved at my OWN hair videos because I wanted people to care about and consider the people who didn't have ANY AT ALL because they were fighting an illness that threatened their lives and LIVELIHOOD while loved ones helplessly stood by praying for a miracle.  I hear it all #HairHatHooligan, I lack pride, my videos are insincere, but we never can tell can we? We have been duped by people who have shown us some serious emotion on camera only to find it to be a farce.  I can't tell you why REAL TEARS look so fake on camera and fake tears look so real, but I can tell you the people that I have come to know and admire...ARE REAL.  I worked for #MBNA and the cornerstone of this company was all about #CommunityService.  That tradition stayed with me and I am forever grateful to understand the sense of duty and pride that comes with helping others. As a #ManagementDevelopment participant, we were charged with raising over $100,000 for a homeless shelter.  We begged companies to sponsor, we harassed our coworkers to donate, and held a #BowlAThon to reach that goal & we did.  It was stressful and a part of me hated the whole #HatInHand feeling because I have ALWAYS worked for mine, but seeing those families' faces changed the game for me.

 I have participated in causes such as:


When my Grandmother died after a 10 year battle with #BreastCancer in 2009 it raised greater purpose within me.  My Grandmother, died in the living room of my childhood home and I watched her fade away slowly until there was nothing left but silence.  It still hurts me to recall such a memory as she was EVERYTHING to me and only 64 years YOUNG when she passed.



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