Friday, January 20, 2012

Jeepers Creepers...You Don't Want My Peepers!


That picture above is hilarious.  My son would call that, "Big Boogaly Eyes"...Boogaly...what a funny word...(taking a moment to myself to laugh...)

Wait for it...
Wait for it...

Okay done!...No Wait....
Now I'm done!

People always talk about the things that they do not like about themselves and we all have them.  I wish my peepers (eyes) did not droop the way that they do.  There are days I can do some things and they are not as puffy and baggy and bad, but because of year round sinus problems and a yearly sinus infection, the constant inflammation just does not serve my eyes well!

Okay Tink! Can you give me magical eyes???...Ones with no bags??? 
I didn't think so.  She can't help.  Well, I have eye patches that work pretty well from Ulta.

RX Hydrglu/Eye Recovery Patch
I use this in conjunction with my eye mask that I got from the spa and my gel and it does me okay.  I just know on days I am really tired it will show.  If you have these same issues, try these and see how they work for you.  I like them.

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