Friday, January 13, 2012 "Miss J" Superwave Care

It's Ya Girl Philly!  I get a ton of questions about Miss J and how they hold up for me.  I would have to say that these units are among the best synthetic units I've had.  I love the Miss J's so much that I have about 4 or 5 of them.  I am asked these burning questions:

Q: What do you do to maintain Miss J?

A: I do not wear Miss J day in and day out, I am sure to rotate my units so I can get longer lifespan and better quality out of it.  I only spray it down with Next Image Avocado wig control spray.  After I have worn it for the day, I check the nape for minor matting (all wigs will tangle at the nape).  I use a loop brush and my detanlging spray to relieve any tangles or matting and then will smooth out the wig and return it in the net and packaging.  I found keeping the wig in the net really assists with maintaining any possible strays and flyaways.

Q: Is yours frizzy and hard?

A: As explained above the net helps with the frizziness. It's not hard because I do not overdo it with product.  I have learned with wigs that less is more and the more product you put in a unit the more of a disservice you will do for it.

Q: Can you put water on it?
A: Yes, I sprayed my black (1) unit down with water in the wet and wavy look video.  Just be sure to shake and separate.

Q: Can you achieve a wet and wavy look?

A:  Yes, I have displayed it in the video (I will post below) I used a water bottle and Mixed Chicks.  Mixed Chicks allows for less build up.

Q: Has your Miss J tangled?

A: No. The mixture of rotating wigs, maintaining wigs, and ensuring they are brushed out and maintained after every wear has done my wigs very well.  As I wash them, I may use Carol's Daughter Shampoo because of it's moisturizing component.  I am finding more and more that Co-Washing wigs with just conditioner really helps maintain optimal moisture and doesn't do as much stripping.

Q: How many Miss J's do you have and what colors?
A: 5 - 1b (short 3 inch), 4/30 (long regular), T4/30 (Short 3 Inch), T2/B30 (short 3 inch), 4/30 (long 3inch)

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