Friday, January 13, 2012

Glamour Lash Studio: Xtreme Lash Experience

A lot of you have been really apprehensive and probably sticker shocked at the price of Xtreme Lashes.  I encourage you to do your research because I most certainly have and it took me 2 years to finally pull the trigger and get my lashes done.  I have been exceedingly happy at the results and I will tell you that I am a more confident person with having these lashes.  This isn’t to say I was not confident, I am just that much more confident.  I have been wearing sweats and no makeup with my infamous beanie with a brim and while I was usually self conscious about my relaxed look, with a clean brow and poppin’ lashes, I have no worries.  When I went to the orthodontist, I laid back in the chair so she could tighten my bands and my technician took a look at my lashes and was totally CRUNK!  She would not even begin work until I went out to the car and brought her back Roxanne’s card.  If you can imagine, lying back in the chair this lady had a very close look at my lashes and she was amazed at how realistic they looked.  I allowed her to touch them and experience them up close…SOLD!!!

Roxanne’s establishment is extremely clean, relaxing, posh and just an all around fab experience.  If interested, give her a call and she will be more than happy to consult with you and answer your burning questions about the Xtreme Lash Experience and what she has to offer through Glamour Lash Studio.  With that being said, It's Ya Girl, Philly!

address:  1151 Hammond Drive
city & state:   Atlanta, GA
telephone:    404-919-6325

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