Thursday, January 12, 2012

MyLittleSecretsOnline.Com Boutique Steam-A-Thon

Hair Steamer - Healthy Scalp and Hair

It’s Ya Girl Philly! I am coming at you with a natural hair update and a really bomb treatment that promotes and assists healthy growing hair.  I have been all a rave about and mainly have really gone in on the super bleached and bleach knots that have caused my sassy new units to look crazy natural!  It was the first video where a lot of you had the opportunity to see my natural hair and now we bring it to you again.

Have you ever heard of Steam Treatments for hair?  Let’s walk through what that is first.

Hair Steamer - Hair Treatment and How it works
Hair steamer's are becoming more and more popular they are more widely used for deep hair treatments such as scalp cleansing, protein moisturizing, color treatments and many other treatments to give us healthier and happy hair and scalp.  It is basically like a Sauna for your scalp and has many benefits for your scalp and hair including
Hair Steamer the ultimate Hair Treatment
- Better Circulation in Scalp leading to better hair growth
- Cleanses Scalp, removing dirt and dead skin
- Brings moisture to your Roots and hair shaft
- Leaves your hair soft and smooth
- Great for Dandruff Sufferer's
- Stops Dryness and hair Breakage
- Makes hair stronger and healthier
- Improves Hair Color Treatments
- Can also act as a Facial Steamer

Give MyLittleSecrets a call and visit the website, the event will go on the week of Jan. 25th (right before the Meet & Greet!)  There is a place where you pre-register and as soon as I get the info, I will update YouTube and the Blog!
MyLittleSecrets Natural Hair Steam-A-Thon.  The natural hair silk press plus steam conditioning is $40 which is 60% off regular salon price.
If you are looking for smooth, silky, manageable, healthy hair then come and experience the new innovative hair steamer.
There was such an overwhelming response last year when they did the Steam-A-Thon for one day, they decided to offer it for an entire week.

Shampoo, steam condition & Press.
All other services, regular salon price will apply.
FREE TRIM: TUES, WEDS, and THURS only.  In order to take advantage of this awesomeoffer you must register & reserve your place.  There is a non refundable registration of $20 which will go towards your service.

link to tickets for steam a thon

 link to event page

Most questions are answered on the F.A.Q page  or the Lace 101 section on their website. Please be sure to check it out.
This was a service at MyLittleSecretsBoutique that you can hear more about via my blog, video, and in person at the Meet&Greet.  Lyric (Master Stylist) was great with a wonderful personality.  She not only serviced me, she taught me step by step.  The process for me was:

Cornrow take down
Comb out

Wash and Condition
Steam Treatment
Comb Out: Leave in Conditioner placement
Blow Out (Blow Dry)
Straighten and flat iron
Ends trimmed


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  1. Hi, I really love your hair and have been inspired to start my natural hair journey. I don't get perms often maybe like every 6months but I really want my hair to grow longer. It's thick as it is but only a little past my shoulder. I was wondering do you have any extra tips that might help. And also what kind of brushes and combs do you use to comb your hair. Please help. :-(


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