Friday, January 13, 2012

Style Closet – Racks on Racks on WRECK!!!


My closets are ridiculously overstuffed with clothes that I keep hung up year round.  That is a bit of a mistake since there are the really cool vacuum clothing bags that you can suck the extra room out of and make them extra flat for storage.  I have a serious problem with things disappearing and all of a sudden I feel like I need it. TOO MUCH DRAMA!

The problem with that is as you are on the go with a busy schedule, things in your closet begin to look crazy and if you don’t check it you get…RACKS ON RACKS ON WRECK!  It’s so ugly and you can never find anything.  Your closet is a black hole and when it can’t take hiding all of your stuff it …THROWS UP!


My closet preference is to have my jeans in order and all together and have them range in color progression from dark to light.  I like to keep my corporate and business clothes together as well as my casual and club attire grouped together.  I don’t do wire hangers.

NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!! EVER!!!! ---lol sorry.
 If I can digress a little for a moment and share with you, I use to take pictures of my closet so that when I shopped I could have an understanding of what I have and what I see that would coordinate well with it.  After a while, I didn’t need pictures anymore because my photographic memory of everything I owned was on point!  If you are anything like me you have things hung up or in drawers that you haven’t worn or seen in months.  Additionally, you have bought things on impulse with tags on it and ask yourself why in heck did you do it!? Lastly, you have new items with tags on it that you’re either waiting for that perfect event or that last piece of whatever to set it off.

I took that little blog detour to share this with you.

Kim Kardashian really made a name for herself as Paris Hilton’s ex-bff, but she was a high end closet organizer.  She was once known as Queen of Closets, organizing and styling closets.

You don’t have to be a Kim Kardashian, to keep your closet and order and find new looks or new outfits in your very closet.  If you are constantly buying something here and there then it is a good rule of thumb to spring clean your closet and reorganize it.  I use to buy more things as incentive to restyle and reorganize (any excuse to buy right?)  However, it is important to discover and rediscover all the looks you can achieve in your closets while keeping in clean and organized.

We will keep in touch and posted as I go IN…On My CLOSET!!! It’s time people.

It’s Ya Girl, PhillyzJam, and I’d love to hear your comments about your closet and how you organize.  Are you currently in a racks on racks on wreck situation?  Are you lost in your closet right now searching for that one brown shoe that is actually under your bed? LOL – WOO WOO WOO…that was me too!

Rock the “Belle”

The walk in closet I share with my Husband - This is my side

My Ikea Wardrobe in the bedroom

Ikea Wardrobe in Office

This disturbs my sense of ORDER!!! IT MUST BE RESTORED! - STAY TUNED.

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