Sunday, January 29, 2012

Protecting Pressed Hair from...THE SHOWER!!!

Are you afraid to have your hair snatch back in the shower after being pressed out so silky and fine?  This is not the only way, but it's the way that works for me and I figured I would share it.

The Toni Childs (Girlfriends) wrap I was talking about, was like a spa wrap that she had around her head.  It's pictured here:

Aquasentials Spa Headband (2pk)
I found this on 

If you wish to use this instead of the folded scarf, that is a great alternative also.  Check out the video detailing how to pretect that beautiful head of hair of yours for as long as possible.


Wrap hair with silk scarf
Tuck flap under ponytail for full protection
Place Shower cap on head
Fold Scarf to wrap around head
Wrap & Tie

**Just a shower cap will let in condensation and steam which can be just as bad for having your hair draw back.  Your edges will need some help.

Speaking of:  You guys have asked what was the pressing comb type thing used on my edges in the Steam-A-Thon video and that is called an Edge Stick.  I did an Amazon Search and listed the link here for the different Edge Sticks and prices:

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