Friday, February 10, 2012

DIY: Human Hair Clips. Transform your hair and your wigs

It all started when I got my Jazz unit from My LittleSecrets. I loved the color and everything and thought, I wish I had gotten this unit longer. (pause, marinate on that).

Additionally, I have been freaking OBSESSED with two tone hair and just different hair.  I am such a Libra.  I wear wigs because I want to be able to change up my hair, but I am so into the change that after a while I want to CHANGE THE WIG!  I don’t know about you, but the dye and all the extra stuff I don’t always feel like doing.  I want the results though!

So…NAAAAAANG! (for those of you who know, that was an Eddie Cain Jr. moment. Five Heartbeats).

Human Hair clips.  I swear almost all of Hollywood wears these clips and I love the fact that I can add volume and length to my own hair and to wigs. 

Here are the steps:

Your Natural Hair

Decide how thick you’d want the hair.  That will determine how many clips to use.
Start at the nape and part the hair straight across
Hook the clips on to the hair (comb in hair) and SNAP!
Do this straight across until you have secured your first row of hair clips
Part hair again to cover what you’ve done and to cover the track
Depending on how thick you decide you may do every other row (Caution: remember these are hair clips so you do not want it to be too bulky – not cute)
**tip – I used 4 full clips and two small clips on the side** If I wanted thicker hair, 6 clips would have probably been the move

If you want the hair bone straight, it may be a good look to flat iron the clip hair before you put it in your hair.  Remember the pulling can cause the clips to slide down.

WIG: Full Lace

Repeat steps as above and remember to hook it onto the hair! Do not puncture the lace it will damage your wig. NOT A GOOD LOOK.

WIG: Lace Front

Repeat steps above, but the great thing is you can hook the clips onto the tracks that are already in the wig past the lace. This will be very secure.

Check out the pictures of how Jazz went to Jazzy 2.0 with the help of hair clips. I went two tone, long, and fly with no dye and no mess. Just CLIP and SNAP! (is it me or does it remind you of Legally Blonde when she taught the BEND AND SNAP!)

It’s ya girl, Philly!

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  1. Thank you so much for the tips about clips. I not only will try this for myself but have my mother do this as well. My mother has long hair but is thin and she wants her hair a little fuller are so resourceful...god bless you :)


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