Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Correct a Badly Colored Wig: Going from BONK to BOMB!!

Are you thinking what I am thinking?  Some curse words mixed in with some major "Whoa-Age"  Call me crazy, but I really looks at this wig and said, I love the Chinese texture and I love the two and three tone concept - The little engine that could in me said, "I think I can correct that color".  I have never corrected a color before in life, but I do remember in high school I totally messed up a hair color.  I turned my hair PEPTO BISMOL PINK! MMHMM Waay before a Nicki Minaj, trying to go blonde...That's another story.  Now that we are back to this unit, I received it believing I could work with it and just remembered what my girl Roxy taught me about hair color and how when you pull too light or too dark, to correct it, you must go to the other side of the color wheel.  She taught me a lot about cool and warm colors and since I wanted a more Ashy blonde look I went to the store and got me some Clairol Nice & Easy.

I chose the Natural Brown color and followed the easy step directions on the box.  It took  no time for me to see the color begin to turn and tone down.  This one was easy and watchable so when it got to the shade I looked to have it (about 10 minutes). I finished the directions and washed the color.

The unit went from the pictures above to the ones below and I was extremely happy.  The silk on this unit is perfect and there is no need for me to dye or do any tea bag methods which is an absolute plus!  Sometimes you can get hit or miss with that. I have noticed though if it's stock it gets a bit white when they try to universalize the silk top.  I would suggest sending a picture of yourself and requesting that the silk top not come in WHITE.  Silk tops have quite a few shades and I believe if you do that the vendor should be able to give you an answer on whether or not that can be accomplished.  I would guess if you request that, there may be some stipulations on the return policy.  So please make sure the conversation is thorough.
I am pleased to announce that this wig has inspired LaceWigsFront to make an exact replica.  YES, my color and all.  The same deal I was extended is being extended to those who would like the unit and it is going on until 3.1.2012. I think this is super cool and very unexpected.  I have never had a wig named after me before and I was merely trying to correct a color to my liking while getting a deal on some good hair!

Check out:  PhillyzJamPoet Wave Silk Top Glueless Unit <-- You can click there.

Chinese virgin youtube PhillyzJamPoet wave glueless full lace wig with silk top combs-bw1102

Photo color:T color
Photo length:20inches
Hair texture:PhillyzJamPoet wave
Cap construction:Glueless full lace with silk top and combs
Material:Processed by 100% Chinese virgin hair
Custom wig
Restore the original price after March 1, 2012 !!!

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