Monday, March 19, 2012

Insanity!!!!! --- and then Alternatives

I get a lot of questions regarding staying fit.  I am a curvy female and I have a best friend who's metabolism is freakishly on point.  I have to work to make sure my curves do not get out of control.  I like to switch up exercise and do fun things to stay in shape.  I have talked about this on my videos before and most recently my husband brought INSANITY into the household.

I like to stay fit, but I will tell you there is nothing fun about Insanity.  It guarantees results, which you do get if you don't die first.  I tried Insanity for a week and I have to say I did not have the discipline or desire to continue.  I did not want to be out of shape for the summer and I had some ultra cute swimsuits that I needed to be right for. So...

After experiencing collapse in the middle of the floor and nearly throwing up...- I QUIT!!!! No gray t-shirt for me.

I watch Dr. Oz a lot so here I found an awesome alternative that I can handle. - I will share this in a moment.

Let's recap previous fitness things I participate in:

  • Biggest Loser on Wii (fun and helpful)
  • Let's Move (Move Ya Body) Beyonce's Flash Dance workout
  • Elliptical Machine
  • Dancing With My Son
  • Walks around the neighborhood (My neighborhood has extreme hills)

I have access to Kennesaw Mountain which is closer than stone mountain - these are good too, BUT I never feel like the drive so I do things in my own home.

I am a big fab of muscle confusion to prevent plateau so I will change up my work routines and mix it up to keep my muscles working.

Here is the newbie I have added:

Shaun T's 15 minute Max Interval Workout that will offer results in 30 days.  Please see link here:

This is not fun, BUT it's only 15 minutes!

So for now I have this routine:

  1. Good Morning: 15 minute Max Interval
  2. Afternoon Son gets home: Beyonce Get Me Bodied
  3. Early Evening: 20 Minute Elliptical
  4. After Dinner Walk

I will do this in combination with eating right and will let you know what my 45 day results are.

Current Standing:

34D, 26 Waist, 41 hips

Stay tuned

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