Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Atkins Induction Trial

I decided to do two weeks of the trial mainly because my arms were not leaning the way I want them to.  I wish I could show pics of my rear end without seeming like I am auditioning for a throwback Luke video. lol You will have to take my word for it that Insanity works wonders for the buttocks, legs, and overall fitness appearance of the body. In terms of how I gain weight, the tell tell signs are:

  • Face
  • Arms (Triceps)
  • Breasts
These are the areas that plump up quickly and is an absolute trip to slim down.  I honestly viewed Atkins as more of a fad diet and I have read so many conflicting reviews and studies that you need carbs to work out.  My biggest addictions, vices, weight loss barriers:

  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Carbs
I was eating pretty well, but not realizing I was still taking in too many carbs.  I have one heck of a sweet tooth and the way that I season is pretty heavy in sodium.  Atkins taught me how to cook and take down quite a bit of sodium and sugars in how I prepare my foods.  I got this book from the library and right now it is my holy grail!

I am willing to share with you pictures and recipes.  I will caution you that shopping for these items at Whole Foods have a bit of a hefty price tag on them.  I was really worried that I had paid so much for these items and would hate the taste of them.  I was pleasantly surprised that the food is so delicious and rid of a lot of the bad things I was still putting in my body.I feel much lighter and I am retaining far less fluid during those precious times of the month bestowed on me by "Mother Nature".

Stay tuned! I will share the book and the recipes.


  1. I'm trying my best to lose weight but sometimes eating right can be a challenge for me. I can't wait to see the recipes you have!!!

  2. For me, losing weight in the summer is tough especially poolside with a Michelob when I should be doing laps!


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