Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Was Fired!!! Blood, Sweat, & Tears

My blood my sweat and my tears
Painted the corporate walls when my boss fired me
Executed me as If I didn't  matter
Sacrifice and brain matter spattered on his white collar and blue tie
See when they hired me
They didn't want a higher me
They wanted me to
Take pick be one of the Zeros in my paycheck and act beneath thee
Stick my talents in my pocket iron out my grammar and eat the
Political ish everyone is full of

Brothers and sisters I feel your pain we punch clocks to be in a workforce with people we want to punch and clock  just the same

Filter our personalities while we sneak statuses on Facebook and tweet desk pics of our Bordem (naang)

Feeling like Eddie Cain replaced by Flash it's lonely at the top
But everybody on me is what drug me to the bottom

The day I was fired my face wrinkled with the irony from the words they chose to fire me.

Poor performance.

Was it the app I put on my iPhone to check my work email 24-7 my family background noise while trying to fill my bosses competence void poor performance

Or perhaps the ideas that drove production put dollars back in the budget poor performance? What about being sick but willing myself to still make it to work poor performance. Mr boss man please explain it because all the winnings and innings I batted for the home team you claimed it my
stats don't say it but we both know you went about it wrong

Or maybe I did

Maybe poor performance means I didn't play the role act  my part
Perhaps my employee handbook should have come with a sag card because you wanted me to water down my abilities so in less intimidating

Everyday my intelligence and fortitude emasculated you
undressed you
and exposed you so everyone could see your punk ass

And I did this with class and a polish with such brilliant swag dressed for success so good I was bad
Stupid sick with it famously quick witted
So Poor performance next to my name is an oxymoron
And you are obviously a moron because my biggie made you small
Notoriously me b.i.g black intelligent girl baby baby
Round the way girl well rehearsed my bamboo earrings in my purse because I wouldn't dare wear two pair at work

My children thank you
For your homicide of the corporate me
Returning me to my family reborn domestically
Freakishly ambitious as my Husband and me his misses have threesomes with my hustle the mistress

I had to get past the aftermath of dying in the eyes of judas
It wasn't enough I had fallen on the sword countless times and That my DNA was in his bottom line

My boss we'll call him Bill put a bullet in the head of the bride.
Walked me out the front door a new age Beatrix kiddeux

With fleeting thoughts of going postal... Just thoughts though
Take your hands off your cellphones in not crazy
Just another victim of shady
Corporate murder

He fired me
After I spent tireless hours sacrificing work life balance and sanity
When they hired me they didn't want a hire me
Poor performance
No Oscar no tony
Just a nomination for the unemployment line
His intelligence couldn't match mine and instead of focusing on his career he put match to mine
Giving me no choice but to let it burn
Brother and sisters I learned for our sanitys for our health we must work hard for our self
We will build someone else's wealth for a fraction of a fraction to keep to ourself

I offer you a brighter me
Enlightened and lighter me
Burned at the stake of my company
A testimony of being fired
Burnt me like a Salem witch
After all I've done
Ain't this a b***!
But the lesson I learned priceless
Like a Phoenix I fly above the murderous masses
No shame on these wings shakin off the ashes
Cheers to you lift your glasses
Pour some out slow
Blackberry molasses
For those who've lost in this same struggle
To break me
They tried
Attempted homicide
Negligent hit and run
Then hide
Double jeopardize how I live my life
His cockiness
Rocked me dead between the eyes
Like I never mattered
Brain matter on his white collar and blue tie
Bruised my ego
Wounded my pride
But much to their surprise
My dreams still alive
There's no damn business in this world I'll have be my life line
Pumpin me like an iv bs they tried to feed me
I be the the boss of this hear baby
Yes I'm gone eat my cornbread
The mashed potatoes the chicken and the gravy
Train me but don't think you'll run a train on me
Drain me then blame me
For why you gotta tke me into an alley with your arm around me
Shoot me un suspeexpecting
Or when in not looking
Isaid I too sing America
While you sing soprano
Caged bird blown her coop
Didn't cluck out though
No I mean clock out
So I'll charge that to your game
Snake eyes on your loaded dice
Lies on your website
My name may never be on you payroll or any of your buildings
But my blood sweat and tears paint your walls
DNA in your bottom line and on your hands
You'll reap the seeds of your grime
And that company will forever feel me
A cold case
Of blood sweat and tears


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  2. Ms JamPoet: Always, Always Wear Your Crown...

    I believe that you possess show-stopping charm, beauty and are a complete inspiration that has touched the hearts countless women all across the globe – and it is important that you know how deeply you and your contributions - are valued and appreciated.

    For it is people who know themselves, their place in the world, and relentlessly pursue the things they believe in, that makes them brilliantly attractive. You certainly who know who you are and what you stand for – thus; you naturally radiate a sheerly indescribable beauty.

    The way care for and inspire others is extremely endearing. I am moved by your passion in your very special contributions to help other people (grow), and I find people who put others before themselves very beautiful. Very, very beautiful.

    I think it takes a person of a certain character to put others’ interests before themselves (not to the point of neglecting their own needs, of course); and in this world and age where people are often fighting for their own needs, your authentic kindness is a beautiful character trait to have.

    I am indebted to you for all you share and all that you are – blessed I am to have been able to bear witness to the countless gifts you have bestown upon your many grateful students and followers.

    I am in awe - I wept with your pain, I grieve their loss…


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