Friday, July 27, 2012

Phoenix Rae Project Tea & Grant Giveaway - What is all this anyway?

I am super blessed and excited and hope that I can have an overflow of participation and attendance. I want to help as many as possible.  I announced this on YouTube and offered RSVP info at the bottom of the video.

Here I want to give you an overview of what's going on:

We have 7 Performers:

  • Dandro
  • JamPoet
  • Luke G
  • Ms. AJ
  • Obie One B.A.
  • Ric Flo "The Beatsnatcher"
  • Young Boy Wonder - (That's my baby)
We will also have catered and custom goods from ItsNotBusiness.Com. She is so talented so not only will what she have be beautiful, but delicious.

Platinum Wigs committed to a donation and have offered to be present to show support and share how they will also further involve themselves in community projects such as this.

Muffinismylovers2012 - Smooches Accessories is working on designing specialized jewelry for The Phoenix Rae Project in their designated colors and a "Phoenix Rae Divas" line the honors those who battle with hair loss in their categories.

Sponsors of this cause:

  1. Hairstopandshop - Donating 20 WIGS!!! Synthetic and Human
  2. FridayNightHair - Donating Wigs
  3. MyLaceWigTrend - Donating Wigs
  4. Platinum Wigs - Donating MONEY & Wigs
  5. RPGShow - Donating Wigs
Intended Honorees/Honored Guests for this event:

  1. Theodora Anema - Leukemia Recipient - (Mother of the dearly departed Jasmina Anema) Please see www.OneForJasmina.Org for reference.
  2. Aaron Washington & Taylor John - Sickle Cell Recipients - Championed their sickness through their adolescents and teen years with Grace.  They allowed their name and image to be used in an effort to assist more suffering from diseases that were in need of Marrow.
  3. Taylor Washington - Sickle Cell Samaritan - Sat out of track participation although it threatened scholarship chances for college to give her marrow and ultimately save her sister's life.
  4. Jason Newell - Liver/Pancreatic Cancer "A Son's Honor" - In Memory of Geraldine Newell, Jason lost his Mother at the age of 10.  He promised her that he would finish school up through college before she passed away.  After losing his mother, Jason lost his brother, and his Uncle who basically stepped in to raise him.  Jason had to basically raise himself, but believing there was an Angel holding his hand, Jason finished college and is a productive citizen in society.  He makes up 1/3 of the Mighty Network.  An extremely gifted wordsmith, poet, emcee and producer Jason pours his talent into being a man for his two sons and a shining example in his Mother's namesake.  We will honor Jason and Geraldine on this day.
  5. Maria McNair - Breast Cancer Survivor - Maria was diagnosed with aggressive Breast Cancer just a year after she graduated from college.  She was barely 25 when she was told she had to have a double mastectomy (both breasts removed).  Maria since then, beat her Cancer, received her Master's degree and is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

I am still working as there are things left to do, but as they develop I will be sure to share them.

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