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I met my girl on Twitter, but you can't tell me this chick isn't a Homegirl after my own heart.  She watches the same reality tv shows I do and since she and I have awesome convo during many shows on #Twitter, I knew that her take on what she has seen would be priceless.


There are so many blogs that offer recaps, however I have never been one to read them. I just look for the embed or the link that allows me to see it for myself.  This is no disrespect to any of the many sites that posts this type of content, but none really spoke to me in a voice that I rocked with until now.  Please see an excerpt on #BloodSweatandHeels:

Melyssa Ford, Woman of Many Hats

"I don't know if Melyssa still sells houses, don't get me the lying, but she does have a satirical comedy musical coming out.... What in Tyler Perry hell? The musical is called "For Vixen Who Considered Homicide, When the Video Was Too Much" (ya'll are going to stop mocking my auntie Ntozake's work, but I digress). The musical is based on Melyssa's book and is based on actual events and thoughts that she's had." Credit: Tatyana-Jenene - HipHopHomegirl! Please click the link to: Read More.
PhillyzJamPoet's Take: 

I was looking at the TV like...well honestly my first thought was: WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOUR FOUNDATION'S....ORANGE! - We all know that the confessional lighting was horrible! Fix THAT - E-MEGITLY!

Back to Melyssa's play, So Im' thinking...well wait, honestly my second thought was:
 Why does this part look like a river has ran through it?
This is not an all the time thing which is a relief, but I am all about hair so of course the reality shows are like 2 for 1 for me.  Hair IS A SHOW IN ITSELF!  I will say if a Highway Wide part is your only issue than you are doing the dang thing!  Her body looks amazing, the hair quality looks extremely nice.  If I had a word of advice to offer, it would just be to allow her hair to rest, change the part, and find low manipulation hairstyles.  A natural part that is that big is signs of hair thinning.  This is an easy spot for people who live in weaves.  Additionally, this applies to creatures of habit.  If you are the sister that has had the same part since french rolls with the pearl bobby pins were in style, I need you to redirect your comb.  Okay Okay - I digress...

This musical, I will be honest I did not get it.  I wasn't here for the title (only one can have a title that long...the original.)  If I have to take a breath and your whole title is not out of my mouth, I have a problem.  Heck, the title takes up most of your characters on Twitter!  I love me a musical!  You are talking to someone who will throw her hat in the air in Harlem singing the HILLS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC!  ----HOWEVER!!!....

I have a bit of bias because I am more of a person that is like, screw all that - "Watch Me Work".  My friend Whyte Chocolate was a well known vixen in Atlanta and I don't care what anyone has to say, she rode those rocky waters and got out before her soul sunk like that Titanic.  She took what she had done and built off of it.  This lady has a thriving business and she is busy minding hers while she is CONSTANTLY on people's mind.  I have a sincere respect for that and it's not a far reach for Melyssa.  Girl, as long as you give it any energy, acknowledgement, or credence you have proven to those designed only to down you that they still have power to govern over what defines you.  NO MAAM.  When I saw the show play out, despite it's hiccups I could understand the vision.  Call me crazy, but with the right talent, budget, and venue it could actually be a success.  It would just have to be one Blood, Sweat, and HELL of a show get critical acclaim.  

In short, I just took one snippet to give my PhillyzJamPoet slant and place my PhillyzJamPoet STAMP on this site. I love it and I just might reply to a few more, if you are tempted to do so, I say doooooo iiit!  I will sit here eating cheese and cackling at what anyone has to say.

If you find me making commentary on these shows, I will most certainly insert my opinion on certain things, but my focus - HAIR!  I figure the best way to offer you live examples and keep the teaching going is to pull from pop culture!  We can have a good ol time and learn about hair!

Ya Girl, Philly.

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