Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Open Spoken Letter To Missy Elliott

Open Spoken Letter to Missy Elliott
Dear Miss E,

A lot of rappers come and go

but they all seem to miss me
They don’t touch me, you feel me?
They don’t feel me, 
so really
these 5 senses sense the fact that mute desires
disallow me to speak you
Do the math class
Missy came out greater than, the common man
and to this day NO EQUAL
No prequels or sequels, she stands alone as Mr. Holland’s Opus
out of my boombox speaker, the dopeness
sits on her vocal chords with double dutch as the focus
with the same turn of phrase around the way girls turn rope with
Miss E is every element that makes up WHOA.
All you gotta say is Missy Elliott. GO!
and she’ll sum up everything you know
in a sum of all flows, legendary, classic, and soon to be
Word is bond you speak the gospel
and those who seek the real are your people
Sitting on the Summit of the Church’s Steeple
the higher power, hits you with the highest of fives to tag you in
clue you in, on this world we live in
blood of the holy ghost fills your pen
as your BIC serves as a lit wick
a live grenade with a pulled Clip
Writing on the wall and Egypt’s hieroglyph 
She’s one of the wonders of the world
Wonder Woman who inspired the Beautiful minds of Wonderful girls
9th & Stevie Wonder how this self made pearl
Transformed from a grain of sand
Out of captivity, busted open the clam
Decided not to sink, she cemented the sand
in order to stand on the world’s greatest stage
just to talk to the players
Miss E. The lyrical Soothsayer
Missy the walking dead & Vampire slayer
Has always been brilliant in the light
Simultaneously a day walker and Queen of the night
She is something special to behold
Earned her stripes she too sings America 
She does it for all our Langston “Hues”
She’s Harlem Renaissance and Miss Ceily Blues
She’s The Color Purple and a Royal Point of View
The Princess Di of our hip hop
The lucky 7 on the di the hip hop
She’s Brown Suga on the corner that we cop
new and old hip hop spinning on a cardboard box
in the borough of Brooklyn
She’s the clash of two titans out of the borough of Brooklyn
she’s Juicy and reasonable doubt
she’s ETHER and No DOUBT
and I’ll rock with that all day long
She’s Semper Fidelis and Army strong
she’s air force fly, and Cool water gone
She’s not just the General, but the whole damn Navy
She’s the biscuit, the sop, and of course the gravy
she’s a sophisticated complex FIRST lady
with a head of state’s  mind
She’s Misdemeanor of the most notorious kind
but can’t be defined by the masses
Mista soul and blackberry molasses
Heatwave, Spinner, and Adidas Classic
She’s a beast, call her REX JURASSIC
and although her arms are too short to box with OZ
she and the higher power are never at odds
she’s the lullaby that rocked baby girl’s boat 
before she sent back to GOD
with the flysheet pair of wings any angel has ever seen
Mountain High, and River Deep
She’s the wake up in yo cut, Janet Jack’s NO SLEEP
Misdemeanor turns to Miss Tina, turning turntables that turns out arenas

Missy, Missed her, leaner 
Misty Mr. Meaner
Misty Blue Steamer
This is my ode
a letter
to the Don Diva.

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