Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fanatic FanOut: Do Celebrities Look and Act as cool in person?

I’ve had the opportunity to meet some celebrities in my lifetime and now that I really think about it…quite a few.  There have been some I have done projects for and with and some I just saw in passing.  I have had some be some absolute jerks and some be the coolest peeps in the world.  I will totally have to give props that NIVEA is the coolest and most consistent person I have ever met.  I have met up with her and seen her on three separate occasions and she is always the same really cool and humble chick you will ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Nivea is extremely cute, well dressed, and just all around fly in person which always is a cool reality when you see celebrities that look the same or even better that what you see on television. It is that type of cool behavior on and off camera that will forever have me support any and everything Nivea does.

Another person who was gorgeous in person was LisaRaye.  Let me also say that I hope you guys don’t snooze on Da Brat because her skin, hair, and makeup game should really be recognized.  **Snaps to that!**

Brad James has been seen on Single Ladies, For Better or Worse, Meet The Browns, Vampire Diaries..etc.  You guys best know him currently as "Todd" on For Better or Worse (TBS Tyler Perry Show).  I attended his acting workshops last summer.  Brad is extremely approachable and very diligent about his craft.  I enjoyed learning from him and would totally attend anything else he has to offer.  He is enormously talented.  Thanks for the introduction Marika!

I’ve posted a few pics that I have on my laptop of some celebrity photos and when I find the one of myself and Pharell, Wyclef, etc. I will be sure to post those too! 

Derek was his very funny self and dressed to the nines the night I met him while Dwight (met him same night) kept his purple suit in cool check. These gentlemen have different personalities, but both were very cool that night.  Derek even said the scarf I have on, he has one just like it! lol - HA.

LisaWu is a lot of what you saw on Real Housewives.  The picture was taken when I was honored for Who's Who in Black Atlanta where she was one of the hostesses or Mistress of Ceremonies.  Dwight was also at that event as well.  LisaWu talked a mile a minute and was all smiles. I didn't mind the mile a minute, she was very cool and bubbly not to mention extremely social. The camera does add some weight because while she looked just fine on TV her body bangs in person. POW! Go LisaWu.

***Side Note** If you are in the Atlanta Area, there are So Good Beauty Supply stores (I like the one in Duluth) that LisaWu attended the opening. You can find that on YouTube.

It Ya Girl, Philly, and I am curious of what Celebrities you have had the pleasure of meeting?  Did they look like they look on TV?  Were a lot of them shorter than you imagined and did a few of them need some ProActiv?  Rock the “Belle”.

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