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All That Jam Can Say

Well Well Well...Ya Girl Pinky has a Brain!

Who Would've THUNK IT?

So, a late night/early morning brought forth lyrics and thoughts that I rarely just upload and share, but hey - we all need a break from all the stuff you've been getting from me recently.  I change it up a lot...Don't I?  I have people who ask me all the time to break down the thought process behind my lyrics so here we go.

All That I Can Say...

I am an avid fan of Lauryn Hill (L.Boogie) and could hear her all over this song before I knew she wrote it for Mary J. Blige.  This song carries good and bad memories, but when I was browsing the Internet I ran across the song.  I am notorious for arranging and rearranging songs as I hear them. I add my own extra and background vocals as I hear them in my head.

I was a saxophonist in band for 12 years. I did Marching, Jazz, Concert, and Pep...I understand music pretty well.

I never claim myself to be a singer. You will hear hooks I sing and what not, because I don't have anyone around to sing my demos and ideas so I have to.  My preference is to leave that to people who excel in this area.  The writing is my wheelhouse.

On to the lyrics:

 "Jam Session"

All That Jam Can Say

Y'all ain't never heard spoken word like this
Y'all aint never heard me rhyme or sing like this

It's Jams new take - Mary Blige/Lauryn Hill So Lick Two shots to the atmosphere (2x)

Verse 1
Around the way girl to the Nth of her power
Concrete Flower
Desert Rose - I'mma
Empower the world, with a pen in my hand
1 rhyme pad, 1 Mic Stand
All that I can say is, I speak what I feel
Elevation of Land
Man, I rock "hills"
Sing in my valleys - Eye with storm
Spoken Word Poem
Repeat em like you know em
My life is like Show & Tell
the reason why we vibe so well
Is Cuz I don't, blow smoke

Breaking down the theory in verse 1:

I am basically just saying that I'm a regular person. An around the way girl, but to the Nth of my power. Mainly is a comment towards striving to always meet and maximize my potential.  We are all "Ordinary people" What makes us extraordinary is the extra Umph or in this case...the Nth..of your power.

How many roses have you seen in a desert?  It's just a comment on the impossible and basically being born into burning sands.  That's life right?

Lauryn Hill is the writer and composer of this song. So I reference the word "Hill" a lot.  By definition - a hill is an "Elevation of land".  Life is full of peaks and valleys...hills and valleys - however you heard this phrase.  So basically this is just the prose of a spoken word artist talking to anyone that this resonates with as they go through life's "Hills" and valleys.  My life is like Show & Tell, speaks to YouTube yes, but largely because I am a writer, poet, whatever --- I am pretty transparent.  You can know a lot about my life and my struggles just by hearing my music or reading my poetry.  I don't blow smoke means, I won't sell you no BS.

All the words I say (do do do, it is the truth)
with this spoken game (do, do, do, do, do)
All That I can Say
I speak, I rhyme, I sing (do do do, it is the truth)

Breaking down the Chorus:

Pretty Self Explanatory right? - Thought So


Verse 2

They said I couldn't do it
but I proved to be FLY
and when the passed me the mic for the word - I o"bliged"
I, JamPoet, deliverer and giver
spoken word spitter
to legit to quite - I'm
hard as a hammer
yet light as a rock
non stop Prospa
Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook
Pon on de River
Mic Check
Contract Killer
Feel it throw your hands up
69 Cancer...
Cheeba Cheeba
Rockin' With the Libra
heart of a Lion
But a Leader...I'm a shepherd
1 Fish - 2 Fish
I provide the feast with
Water in my rhyme in the flow I never cease
But the beast will at least give the heat that we need
and esteem that we need to resurrect a fallen breed

Breaking down the Theory in Verse 2 - "WHAT THE HECK IS SHE TALKIN BOUT!? LOL"

Of course saying that I O"Bliged" was a subliminal shout out to Mary. I spoke of myself, but she really has sung me through "My Life" boy has she been through it too.  The line Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook is of course a metaphor for Chess.  Life is all about strategy whether we like it or not. We are trying to make it across the board for a CheckMate - Whatever that means in a person's life.  Moonwalk Dancer references my struggle for height, elevation.

Where I always will slip in my spiritual beliefs is somewhere in the pocket of any rap song or poem. A person who knows the word gets the reference.

Things like I'm a shepherd.  David was but a mere Shepherd. (I won't preach - )
1 Fish, 2 Fish is elementary - some would think Oh, Dr. Seuss. But I am talking of God being a great provider and making an abundance out of what seems to be nothing. Instead of Water into Wine, I spoke about Water in my Rhyme. As always, I let him speak through me and all things being relative. There's a lot of the "word" in everything we do.  I'm not a 100% Saint, but I sure as heck am not 100% Sinner.

Spoken Word:

There's a spoken word artist that can extract the thoughts in your head
and the pain in your heart
a one eared painter
a deaf Mozart
They're gifted, artistic, intuitive, individuals
Samsons between the pillars
Moses & Deliverers
Parting the waters of Mainstream
with a higher power on their side
they walk through the divide
of indifference and ignorance
A spoken word artist or an Underground INDEPENDENT
Can construct a Lyric
out of the debris of their grief
and when they speak...
It's for You and for Me
All that I can say is
What I speak is really real
My words echo through your valley
as I rock on this "Hill"
My words echo through your valley
as I rock on Ms. Hill
My words echo through your valley
as I rock on this "Hill"

Ahhhh - This is my favorite part...Spoken Word

So I speak of One Eared  Painter most people are are considered really great artist are tortured geniuses. There's a lack of appreciation for people who have a gift for the spoken and written word. Typically they are just that...tortured geniuses. They paint pictures with their words.  Verbal Van Gogh.
Then of course Mozart. Deaf. But the passion and movement in his compositions was nothing short of brilliance.

Here comes another biblical reference: Samson between the pillars.  Samson known for his strength and his long hair was betrayed and weakened by someone he let close to his heart.  His final plea to do the will of God, was to stand between the pillars and have them fall on all those who are evil.  Not that I was referencing destruction. However spoken word artist again...strong, yet under-appreciated and always at the mercy of mainstream betrayal. So blind...they are standing between the pillars...Don't we also reference Hip Hop as Having Pillars? - Food For Thought.

Moses - We know the story of the Red Sea, so parting the waters of mainstream is that reference with regard of walking through the divide of Indifference and Ignorance.

Lastly, I say the words echo in your valley - as I rock on this "Hill" - Last reference to Lauryn Hill - Elevation of Land, and referring to my desire to teach while at my height to minister to the ones at their lowest point.

THAT'S IT.  I'm Tired. Zip Fizz depleted. I will go into a coma now and not be this smart when I wake up. LOL

You know the drill...

It's Ya Girl,


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