Friday, January 13, 2012


A lot of you have reservations about RPGShow and I will say that the company has been great to me in delivering quality units.  The Unit I first fell in love with was my ELS131!  It looked so freaking realistic and so close to my natural hair.  It was OFFICIAL....LIKE A REFEREE'S WHISTLE!  I had to even bring my husband in on the video.

A new idea they are offering is the ability to SKYPE with you and show you the unit that you would be looking to get.  You have an opportunity to see the face of the person offering you the service as well as see the unit you would potentially buying.  This should offer you a little more comfort towards your purchasing experience.

I think that is an awesome idea! GO RPGSHOW!

Be sure to check out the introduction of their celebrity line as well as other really great units.  I love RPGShow because the hair is great and the knots are really small.  Here are some videos on the recent Celebrity Wigs I have done.  I have a Kelly Rowland coming up soon.

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